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    Unlike MLS databases, our vault is screened regularly to eliminate properties not available or not desirable to our clients. Our scouts visit pre-determined high cash-flow markets to find the very best properties available. These homes are then videoed and rehab estimates are determined by a local contractor. All our information on these properties, including potential returns and strategy, are uploaded to our website for our clients all over the world to see, so that informed and educated decisions can be made.

  • Buy an Off-Market Property

    Why wait for your property to cash-flow when you can buy turnkey. Do not bother with the banks. Why negotiate with 5-6 properties in hopes that one will go through. Select from our list of turnkey homes. These homes have already been negotiated and purchased from the bank. Rehab has already been completed, and tenants are in place. This results in an immediate cash-flow position and saves you 30-60 days.

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    Everyone knows that real estate is "Location, Location, Location!" Find out what makes one location different that another. How much does one dollar of rent cost in my area compared to another area. Are rents increasing or decreasing in my area. Market research can give insight into a property's past, present, and future. Knowing this information can potentially reduce your chance of a bad buy and help you sleep better at night.